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Consent application forms

Make sure you understand all the costs and processes involved

If you haven't already read it, there's plenty of information in our resource consents section.

Fully complete all the relevant forms and provide as much detail as you can

The Resource Management Act says that a resource consent application must:

  • be made in the prescribed form and manner, and
  • include an appropriately detailed assessment of environmental effects

This means that if we don't have all the required information from you, then your application may be considered "incomplete". This will cause delays in the processing of your application, and may lead to increased costs.

Pre-application meeting

Click here to request a pre-application meeting.

Many proposals need supporting information. These may include plans, photo drawings or technical assessments. Where possible we would prefer this information to be provided in electronic format. Please use a CD or flash drive, or a file transfer system such as Dropbox.

Any personal information you provide us is held and processed in accordance with the Local Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the Privacy Act 1993. Please let us know if there are any privacy or confidentiality issues. Find out more here.

Select the relevant activity or proposal below

Clicking on an activity will expand the information. You can then find out the deposit charge and the forms required.

You will usually need to complete three separate forms:

  • Form A (general administrative details)
  • Form B (information specific to your proposed activity) and
  • Form C (other matters)

Editing forms: Most of our forns are editable PDFs. Word documents are available if we haven't got an editable PDF available yet.

To edit a PDF: You'll also need to have Acrobat Reader. Make sure you save the document out to your desktop before you start editing! If it's a PDF and you start editing in the original version on this webpage, your changes won't save. Some browsers will also not display the PDF in editable mode - we are aware that Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are two of them.

Changes to existing consents

New or replacement consents

Send it in

Once completed, you can send us your form by:

  • Mail: Private Bag 3038, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240
  • Fax: (07) 859 0998
  • Email: by using this link here. You can use the same link if you require help or have a questions.
Resource Use Freephone
0800 800 402

Need more help?

Please contact us if you:

  • can't find the appropriate application form for your activity
  • are not sure if your activity requires a consent
  • have difficulty completing any form
  • would prefer us to post or fax any form to you (whether available online or not)