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Your environment - what matters?

TR 2019/09

Report: TR 2019/09

Author: Versus Research

About this report

The 2019 Waikato Regional Council’s (Council) Your Environment-What Matters? survey is conducted every three years and tracks residents’ perceptions about their local environment, areas of concern, and actions that have been taken to support environmental wellbeing. The overall aim of this project is to compare and contrast changes in public perception of the environment over time, specifically the changes in attitudes and priorities that residents hold about environmental issues in the Waikato region.

The information from this survey will be used to:
• anticipate public response to environmental policies and programmes;
• track trends associated with public views, attitudes, and priorities around environmental issues, and
awareness of impacts and effects of people on the natural environment;
• gather public opinion on environmental issues that contribute to policy development;
• evaluate current policies and programmes and gather public opinion on issues that contribute to policy
• help Council to gain a better understanding of the views of residents regarding the environment and;
• provide supporting information for Territorial Authorities (TAs) and other agencies to assist in decision
making and policy development.

Full results including demographic and geographic breakdowns are included in the body of the report. Comparisons to previous years are also included.

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Your environment - what matters? [PDF, 13 MB]

7 Project overview
12 Environmental awareness
41 Environmental changes
58 Environmental concerns
90 Environmental knowledge
105 Environmental regulation
139 Public and personal environmental actions
179 New ecological paradigm
185 Conclusions
189 Appendices