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Election Day results

Saturday's ballot box votes have been counted, with a change now possible to the Waikato constituency. Look below to find out how many votes each candidate received, and who has been elected to stand for you on Waikato Regional Council. Special votes are still to be counted, with the official results expected by Friday, 18 October.


DURNING, William: 15,126

KOIZUMI, Peter: 6149

NICKEL, Jennifer: 16,327 ELECTED

QUAYLE, Barry: 18,016 ELECTED


STRANGE, Angela: 22,597 ELECTED


CHRUSTOWSKI, Bernard: 2728

DELICH, Alana: 2611

WHITE, Kathy: 5467 ELECTED


GRAF, Clyde: 3436

KEDZLIE, Liam: 2821

MINOGUE, Dal: 3513

TEGG, Denis: 3884 ELECTED


BALDWIN, Gray: 6566

COX, Bill: 4555


JESPERSON, Tara: 4625



GEE, Richard: 1958

HOLMES, Keith: 6879


STOREY, Pamela: 7759 ELECTED

Waipā-King Country

ARMSTRONG, Dan: 4784


MacPHERSON, Andrew: 10,812 ELECTED

Incumbent councillors Tipa Mahuta (Ngā Hau E Wha) and Kataraina Hodge (Ngā Tai ki Uta) were re-elected unopposed. 

Elections 2019 1 Tile Become a candidate

Voting is your chance to choose the people who will best represent what’s important to you over the next three years.  

You have until 12pm on Saturday, 12 October 2019 to vote.

It’s now too late to return your voting papers by post, but you can drop them off at your nearest district council office or Hamilton City Council. Some councils are also running drive-through/drop off voting stations at a range of locations in their districts.

Special votes are available if:

  • your name isn’t on the final electoral roll, but you qualify as an elector
  • you didn’t receive your voting pack
  • your voting pack is damaged or spoiled.

We've got more information on our site about how to vote and who the candidates are for Waikato Regional Council – just click on a button above.

Elections 2019 1 Tile Get enrolled

If you need to cast a special vote, or want to see how many people have voted so far, please check your district or city council’s website. You’ll also find information on where you can drop off your voting papers.

Hamilton City Council

Matamata-Piako District Council 

Waikato District Council 

Thames-Coromandel District Council 

South Waikato District Council 

Taupō District Council

Rotorua District Council 

Waitomo District Council 

Waipa District Council 

Hauraki District Council 

Otorohanga District Council 

What do we stand for?

Everything we do, no matter how big or small, we do to keep our environment healthy, our economy strong and our communities thriving. But we know that people working together is key to the success of our rohe. That’s why we’re committed to working in partnership with iwi and many others in our communities.

What does the Waikato Regional Council stand for?

Working together

Working together

"Over the past 10 years, there’s been a shift in what matters most to Kiwis. The focus has moved from just the economic bottom line to a more holistic view. That’s why sustainability is no longer an add-on but central to the strategy of New Zealand’s leading businesses." - Karen Bennett (Manager - Chief Executive's Office)
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Our iwi relationships

Our iwi relationships

“At the beginning we didn’t have the trust and confidence in each other. Over time, with maturing of that relationship, we started moving more in sync.” – Mali Ahipene (Pou Tuhono)
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Healthy environment

Healthy environment

“If we destroy our environment, we essentially destroy ourselves as a region because it takes away our future options and what we can do.” – Mike Scarsbrook (Science Manager)
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Strong economy

Strong economy

“Economics is fundamentally about allocating resources. I believe businesses need to access natural resources, but balance is important.” – Blair Kennan - (Principal Economist)
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Vibrant communities

Vibrant communities

“What we do needs to be affordable for our communities. Be of value and add value. It’s pretty tough out there for some people...” – Janine Becker (Chief Financial Officer)
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Image - small map of regionOur region

From the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula to the slopes of Ruapehu, the Waikato is the beating heart of the North Island. Collectively, we’re more than 460,000 strong, living in one city and 10 districts.

committee structureCommittee structures

The council, made up of 14 elected councillors, is the governing body for Waikato Regional Council. The chair and deputy chair are appointed by the council when it takes office.

Councillors meet monthly (or as required) in committees and subcommittees to look closely at the issues and make decisions on or recommendations to the council. The full council generally meets on the last Thursday of each month to consider recommendations and make decisions on a wide variety of activities and policies.