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Integrated Catchment Management Pilot Project: Evaluation Report

TR 2008/49

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Report: TR 2008/49
Author: Ruth Hungerford (Momentum Research and Evaluation)


In September 2006, Waikato Regional Council began piloting an intensive policy implementation process within two of the region’s catchments - Little Waipa and Waipapa.

This process, the integrated catchment management (ICM) project focuses on working with farmers to change or improve agricultural practices which are contributing to rising nitrogen levels within the upper Waikato river’s catchment, specifically by ensuring compliance with consented and permitted activities and by encouraging a suite of best practices identified to mitigate nutrient losses.

The ICM pilot project included public meetings in the two catchments, on-farm consultation with individual farmers, the development of in-depth farm management plans, field days and workshops with farmers in the catchments on specific management options, and ongoing email, newsletters and phone contact with farmers.

Ruth Hungerford of Momentum Research and Evaluation was asked to evaluate the ICM project to determine the strengths and areas for improvement. The evaluation was formative, designed with a flexible methodology, took place alongside the project and fed back into it as it progressed.

Integrated catchment management pilot project: evaluation report
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Table of contents

  Executive summary  iii
1 Introduction 1
2 Evaluation 1
3 This report 2
4 Adoption of innovations 2
5 ICM: Factors that encourage change 4
6 Findings from participating farmers 5
6.1 Public meetings 6
6.2 On-farm visits 9
6.3 Field days 12
6.4 Farm plans 12
7 Findings from non-participant farmers 17
8 Findings from industry representatives 18
9 Findings from the facilitated meetings 20
10 Concluding comments 22
  References 24