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Thames coast project: Summary of technical investigation

TR 2004/13

Report: TR04/13
Author: Greg Ryan


This report is a summary of the technical information that has been compiled as part of the first stage of the Thames Coast Project. It covers the catchment hydrology, river hydraulics and proposed works programmes for the following five communities:

  • Tararu
  • Te Puru
  • Waiomu (including Pohue)
  • Tapu
  • Coromandel Town.

This report is a revision of Waikato Regional Council Technical Report 2003/10, which was published in August 2003. This revision has been prepared to assist with the procurement of resource consents to authorise the works proposed under the Thames Coast Project. It also reflects the feedback that Waikato Regional Council has received from the local community regarding the practical and economic feasibility of the proposed works.

This report was prepared for the sole purpose of applying for resource consents of base level maintenance works and does not include the full scope of the proposed flood mitigation measures on the Thames coast.

Note - due to the large file size of this document it has been split into two sections for your convenience:

Thames Coast Project: Summary of technical investigation (Part 1)
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Thames Coast Project: Summary of technical investigation (Part 2)
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Table of contents

1 Introduction 1
2 Background 2
3 Historical research 5
4 Catchment hydrology 7
5 River channel hydraulics (1D) 11
6 Floodplain hydraulics (2D) 15
7 Flood hazard assessment 16
8 Proposed work programmes (Phase A) 18
9 Climate change 39
10 Environmental management 40
11 References 41
12 Appendices 42