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Changes to your rates contact details

Complete and submit the form below to let us know of changes to your contact details. Please only click the submit button once, otherwise we will receive the same request more than once.

The information you provide  will be used for Waikato Regional Council's purposes only, unless authorised otherwise. Check out our privacy statement to find out more about the use of ratepayer-supplied information.

Please note that we may not get your submitted form immediately if you send it to us after hours or on weekends. Allow us a couple of days to update your details.

Would you prefer to receive your rates notice by email, rather than post? You can let us know, below.
Note: Please provide at least one contact number, so we can contact you if necessary.
Note: Please make sure you also let your local district or city council know about this change.
Do you own other properties in the region?
Do you want all your properties' contact details updated?