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  Council » Policies and Plans » Waikato Regional Policy Statement: Te Tauākī Kaupapahere Te-Rohe O Waikato » Operative Waikato Regional Policy Statement - Te Tauākī Kaupapahere Te-Rohe O Waikato » PART B » 11 Indigenous biodiversity » Policy 11.4 Safeguard coastal/marine ecosystems » Explanation


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Policy 11.4 specifically identifies values and characteristics of coastal and marine ecosystems because, in addition to the intrinsic values of the habitats and the biodiversity present, these ecosystems are receiving environments for sediment and
contaminants arising from the use and management of land. Policy 11.4 recognises the critical importance of indigenous taxa that are identified as Threatened or At Risk in the New Zealand Threat Classification System, along with their habitats.  Threatened taxa include those that are nationally critical, nationally endangered or nationally vulnerable.  At Risk taxa include those that are declining, recovering, relict or naturally uncommon.  There are a number of Threatened or At Risk taxa in the Waikato Region (see Footnote 1 to Policy 11.4(a)(i)) and of those, Maui’s dolphin is one of the most important as it is facing potential extinction.


Policy 11.4 is a sub-set of the broader policy directions of Policy 11.1 and, as such, the methods to implement Policy 11.1 may also apply to Policy 11.4.  It is intended that areas of significant indigenous biodiversity within the coastal environment are identified within those addressed by Policy 11.2, and Methods 11.4.1 and 11.4.2 identify that link as well as recognising the benefits of protecting representative marine habitats and ecosystems in a marine areas network. Method 11.4.1 also provides for a regulatory approach to maintain other indigenous biodiversity in the coastal environment. 

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