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  Council » Policies and Plans » Waikato Regional Policy Statement: Te Tauākī Kaupapahere Te-Rohe O Waikato » Operative Waikato Regional Policy Statement - Te Tauākī Kaupapahere Te-Rohe O Waikato » PART B » 11 Indigenous biodiversity » Policy 11.1 Maintain or enhance indigenous biodiversity

Policy 11.1 Maintain or enhance indigenous biodiversity

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Promote positive indigenous biodiversityoutcomes to maintain the full range of ecosystem types and maintain or enhance their spatial extent as necessary to achieve healthy ecological functioning of ecosystems, with a particular focus on:

  1. working towards achieving no net loss of indigenous biodiversity at a regional scale;
  2. the continued functioning of ecological processes;
  3. the re-creation and restoration of habitats and connectivity between habitats;
  4. supporting (buffering and/or linking) ecosystems, habitats and areas identified as significant indigenous vegetation and significant habitats of indigenous fauna;
  5. providing ecosystem services(external link);
  6. the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River and its catchment;
  7. contribution to natural character and amenity values;
  8. tāngata whenua relationships with indigenous biodiversity including their holistic view of ecosystems and the environment;
  9. managing the density, range and viability of indigenous flora and fauna; and
  10. the consideration and application of biodiversity offsets.
The relevant objectives are:
3.1 Integrated management
3.2 Resource use and development
3.4 Health and wellbeing of the Waikato River
3.7 Coastal environment
3.8 Ecosystem service
3.9 Relationship of Tāngata Whenua with the environment
3.12 Built environment
3.14 Mauri and values of fresh water bodies
3.16 Riparian areas and wetlands
3.19 Ecological integrity and indigenous biodiversity
3.21 Amenity
3.22    Natural Character
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