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Submissions and Summary of Submissions

Following notification of Proposed Plan Change 1: Waikato and Waipā River Catchments on 22 October 2016, 1023 submissions were received raising a range of issues and providing suggestions on how the proposed plan change could be improved.

The council received an additional 61 submissions following notification of Variation 1 on 10 April 2018, bringing the total number of submissions to 1084.

Summary of Submissions documents

Organised by submitter



Organised by provision order

General --> Objective 5: Mana Tangata - protecting and restoring tangata whenua values

Principal reasons for adopting Objectives 1-6 --> Policy 11: Application of best practicable option and mitigation or offset of effects to point source discharges

Policy 12: Additional considerations for point sorce discharges in relation to water quality targets --> Permitted Activity Rule - Other farming activities Permitted Activity Rule - Farming activities with a Farm Environment Plan under a Certified Industry Scheme --> Schedule B - Nitrogen Reference Point

Schedule C - Stock exclusion --> Glossary of Terms

Variation 1 - All consultation points

Address list for submitters