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Published: 2003-04-02 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is to seek resource consents for flooding and bank erosion works on the Tongariro River.

The 10-year programme, developed under Project Watershed and with input and support from Ngati Turangitukau, involves stopbanks, bank protection, channel management and willow control from Turangi downstream to Lake Taupo. It is designed to reduce the community’s exposure to flooding, and help enhance and restore the lower Tongariro River.

Environment Waikato began the process to identify flooding and bank erosion problems on the Lower Tongariro river in the mid 1990s and the river has been the subject of a number of studies. In conjunction with the Taupo District Council, Environment Waikato has conducted a long consultation process with the community to decide on a response to the problems.

Some of the priority works identified in studies have been successfully completed and now provide increased protection to properties at the upstream end of Turangi and near to the end of Herekiekie Street. Further works will link existing stopbanks and bank protection, and provide greater protection to remaining risk areas. Environment Waikato has also initiated a programme of willow control in the river downstream of Turangi.

The works include extending the new stopbank at Tahawai Street downstream and stopbanking at Herekiekie Street. Work is also proposed to address the frequent flooding that occurs to the rural land downstream of Turangi. Gravel management and debris clearance for the river will also be done.

Environment Waikato will be consulting with the community about the proposals. Work is likely to begin in November.