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Regional Land Transport Plan

Image of RLTP cover

2018 Update to the Waikato Regional Land Transport Plan 2015–2045

An update to the 2015 Regional Land Transport Plan has been developed for the region by the Waikato Regional Transport Committee, which sets out how we intend to develop the region’s land transport system over the next 30 years. It also identifies proposed regional transport activities for investment (local and central government) over the next six years.

The plan’s scope includes policy and activities related to our roading maintenance and improvements, public transport services and infrastructure, walking and cycling infrastructure, road safety education and transport planning across the region.

The plan is a mid-term review and focuses on the region’s key transport problems and priorities over the next three years leading up to a full review of the plan in 2021.

Waikato Regional Transport Committee

The committee comprises of elected members from the region's territorial authorities, Waikato Regional Council, and officials from the NZ Transport Agency and NZ Police. The committee is responsible for:

  • preparing the RLTP for approval by the regional council
  • providing the regional council with advice and assistance it may request in relation to transport
  • advocating for transport investment in the region
  • working collaboratively with local government and stakeholders across the region to prioritise and address transport issues
  • undertaking monitoring to assess progress on implementing the RLTP.

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Read the plan

2018 update to the Waikato Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2045 - FULL DOCUMENT [PDF, 24 MB]

Part A: Strategic policy framework [PDF, 13 MB]

Section 1: Introducing the Waikato Regional Land Transport Plan [PDF, 2.9 MB]

1.1   Purpose of the plan
1.2   Transport in the Waikato region
1.3   Our role in the upper North Island
1.4   The 2015 operative plan
1.5   Mid term review of the plan
1.6   Outcomes of the review process
1.7   Plan duration
1.8 How to navigate the plan

Section 2: Strategic context for Waikato's key transport problems [PDF, 7.2 MB]

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Problem 1: Protecting the function of our strategic corridors 
2.3 Problem 2: Road safety 
2.4 Problem 3: Providing for access and mobility needs for our communities

Section 3: Regional policy framework [PDF, 3 MB]

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Our priority land transport problems
3.3 Our land transport objectives - where we want to get to
3.4 Our strategic response - how we are going to get there
3.5 Our land transport priorities
3.6 Putting it all together - our policy framework for the plan
3.7 Strategic corridors and economic development template
3.8 Road safety policy template
3.9 Access and mobility template
3.10 Integration and forward planning underpinning objective template
3.11 Affordability underpinning objective template
3.12 Environmental sustainability and resilience underpinning objective template

Part B: Regional programme of transport activities [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Section 4: Regional programme of transport activities [PDF, 1.6 MB]

4.1   Introduction
4.2   Programme of activities for our region
4.3   Method to identify and prioritise regionally significant activities
4.4   Regionally significant activities
4.5 Interregionally significant activities
4.6 Significant transport activities for our region to be funded outside of the NLTF

Section 5: Funding [PDF, 239 KB]

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Anticipated revenue sources

Section 6: Monitoring the Regional Land Transport Plan [PDF, 73 KB]

6.1   Introduction
6.2 Monitoring framework for the Plan
6.3 Monitoring report cards

Section 7: Delivering the plan and looking towards 2021 [PDF, 44 KB]

7.1 Conclusion

Appendices [PDF, 5 MB]

Appendix 1 - Legislative alignment with the Land Transport Management Act 2003
Appendix 2 - Alignment with the NZ Transport Agency's Business Case Guidance for 2018 RLTP reviews
Appendix 3 - Process for reviewing the plan
Appendix 4 - Joint statements - Upper North Island Strategic Alliance and SH1/29 - ECMT Working Group
Appendix 5 - Strategic corridors in the Waikato Region
Appendix 6 - Significance Policy
Appendix 7 - Method for prioritising significant transport activities
Appendix 8 - Transport activity class tables
Appendix 9 - Significant transport activities table
Appendix 10 - Letter from RTC to NZTA advocating for the inclusion of omitted transport activities

Glossary of commonly used terms and acronyms [PDF, 97 KB]