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Water Shortage Risk Mitigation Plan

Waikato Regional Council's Water Shortage Risk Mitigation Plan sets out efficient and effective management to anticipate and cope with periods of water shortage due to weather conditions in the Waikato region. This Plan aims to prevent water supplies running out, and suggests proactive measures that can be taken to reduce community vulnerability before a water shortage occurs. Risk mitigation plans define the roles of Waikato Regional Council, district councils, and the community in managing the impacts of potential natural hazard events.

Photograph of river monitoring

The Waikato region does not normally experience the extremes of water shortage that occur in the historically recognised 'drought' areas of New Zealand (Central Otago, East Cape, Marlborough). However there is still a slight chance that extreme water shortage could affect the Waikato region if major changes in weather patterns occur, affecting our region’s river levels and rainfall.

Water shortages can affect:

  • rural water users (for example, agricultural/horticultural sectors)
  • urban water users (residential and industrial)
  • the environment
  • the economy.

Waikato Regional Council's Water Shortage Risk Mitigation Plan focuses on:

  • environmental problems caused by water shortages
  • planned response and recovery to lessen the effects of water shortage
  • educating individuals and community groups on their role in reducing the adverse affects of water shortage
  • monitoring and review.

Find out about water shortage and weather.

View or print Waikato Regional Council's Water Shortage Risk Mitigation Plan from the document below, or order a printed copy of the Plan through our publications pages.

Water Shortage Risk Mitigation Plan
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Table of contents

Executive Summary i
Acknowledgements iii
Background explanation vi
Principles vii
1 Hazard planning and management 1
  Issue 1
  Objective 1
  Policy 1
  Actions 1
  Explanation and principal reasons for adopting 2
  Environment results anticipated 6
2 Response and Recovery 8
  Issue 8
  Objective 8
  Policy 8
  Actions 8
  Explanation and principal reasons for adopting 8
  Environment results anticipated 10
3 Monitor and review 11
  Issue 11
  Objective 11
  Policy 11
  Actions 11
  Explanation and principal reasons for adopting 11
  Environment results anticipated 11
Appendix I: Summary of actions – reducing adverse effects 13
Appendix II: Summary of actions – response and recovery 14
Appendix III: Summary of actions – monitor and review 15
Appendix IV: Existing management - statutory 16
Appendix V: Existing management – Environment Waikato documents 17
Appendix VI: Water shortage response 18
Glossary   20
Bibliography   21
Table 1: Water shortage management options 6
Table 2: Roles and responsibilities 7
Table 3: Water shortage/drought warnings/advice 9
Table 4: Media releases 10
Figure 1: The planning framework viii
Figure 2: Water shortage hazard zonation within the Waikato Region 3
Figure 3: Water shortage risk zonation within the Waikato Region 4
Figure 4: Management of Regional water shortage events in the Waikato Region 9