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Waikato Regional Council is investigating infestations of velvetleaf in our region.
Velvetleaf has spread to properties in the Waikato via:

  • infested fodder beet seeds imported from overseas
  • infested maize crops and maize silage
  • unclean machinery.




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Karapiro Stream Habitat Enhancement Project

Hamilton Halo

The Hamilton Halo project aims to bring native birds, such as tui and bellbirds, back into Hamilton city. The 'Halo' is a ring drawn around Hamilton, taking in key sites where tui breed. The halo's radius is approximately 20km. READ MORE>>

Project Echo

Project Echo aims to gather information on bat distribution throughout Hamilton city. This project could lead to on-going work to protect bat roosting trees and provide predator control. READ MORE>>

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Central Waikato Zone Management Plan

Zone management plans (ZMPs) are the primary tools for implementation of all river and catchment management activities within each zone. Each ZMP includes the following details:

  • vision for the zone
  • strategy to achieve the vision
  • activities to implement the strategy
  • set of services levels and performance standards for the activities
  • financial strategies and funding arrangments.

Read the Central Zone Management Plan >> [PDF, 7.4 MB]

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