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Climate change

Climate change is a global issue with local effects.

We have a wide range of activities, infrastructure and services that are, or will be, affected by climate change, with consequential impacts on our communities.

That’s why climate change mitigation and adaptation actions are a key focus of this organisation. We formally recognised the urgent need to deal with the challenge by signing the Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration 2017 and we’ve backed up our promise with action.


  • We’ve taken steps to reduce our corporate carbon emissions, which is also saving ratepayers’ money.


  • In December 2017, we became the first regional council in New Zealand to attain Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) certification for our plan to measure and reduce our carbon emissions. Our plan details several initiatives to achieve a 45 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide by 2030. It’s our intention to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050.


  • Adaptation responses have been included in our policy, planning and operational activities to reduce risks arising from increasing temperature, greater storm frequency and severity, flooding and drought.


  • We’re preparing our region for climate related changes. For example, we’ve completed a regional greenhouse gas inventory to enhance our understanding of the region’s carbon profile and facilitate community conversations about the risks and opportunities we face.


  • We’re adjusting our flood risk reduction and catchment management actions to reflect projected changes in sea level and storm occurrences and making information on sea level rise and other hazards freely and easily available to all.