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Stand up paddle boarding

Image - stand up paddle boarder

Stand up paddle boarding is a fast growing sport. It's a great way to keep fit while you're enjoying the region's magnificant waterways. Make sure you keep yourself safe by following these simple rules and guidelines.


  • You must wear a lifejacket at all times.
  • You must carry at least one form of waterproof communications with you, this could be a cellphone in a drybag.

Exceptions to the rules:

    • Stand up paddle boards in the surf are exempt from carrying communications or carrying a lifejacket (or PFD) as long as they are leashed to the board.


    • Consider using a leash, this will keep you and your board together.
    • Avoid areas with heavy boat traffic, strong currents, and dangerous outcroppings.
    • Keep a safe distance from swimmers.
    • Get a lesson from a professional paddleboard instructor/school.
    • Always let someone know where you are going and when you'll be back.
    • Check the weather and tides before heading out.
    • Learn the basics in flat, calm water.
    • Stay safe and paddle with a mate.

    >>> Read the Paddle Craft Guide [PDF, 992 KB]

    Image - cover of Paddle Craft Guide