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Boat naming

Powerboats 4m and over and non-powered boats 6m and over

These boats must display a name or similar identifying mark, such as a radio call sign, Coastguard membership number, or trailer registration. Boat's brand, make, or model, are not acceptable.

Identification must be:

  • a minimum of two letters or numbers
  • displayed on both sides of the hull
  • above the waterline
  • at least 90mm high (all characters must be at least 90mm high).
  • legible at a distance of no less than 50 metres.

The vessel name must not have the potential to be misrepresented as a harbourmaster, coastguard, police, customs fisheries, or similar response vessel.

Options for marking your vessel:

  • get it sign written,
  • look up sign writers in the Yellow Pages
  • buy a sticker/vinyl off Trade Me - keywords "boat name"
  • paint a name on.

Please note names are not collected in a database nor are they associated with a form of registration.

Powerboats less than 4m and non-mechanically powered vessels less than 6m

These vessels (including kayaks and small dinghys) must have the owner’s name and contact details somewhere on or in the vessel.

Options for marking your vessel:

  • use a waterproof marker
  • write on waterproof tape
  • laminate a card and attach it to your vessel.

Read the full clause about vessel identification in the Navigation Safety Bylaw.