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Apply online for a bore permit

Photo of well drilling activityHow it works

You apply online for a resource consent to drill and construct a well.

You'll need a RealMe® account to do this. So if you don't have an account already, you'll need to create one.

Once you have logged in you will be redirected back to the Waikato Regional Council website to begin your application. You will be asked to verify your email address as part of Waikato Regional Council's Privacy Policy.

Go to our online portal to login and/or set up your RealMe® account.

Here's some help

We've got some FAQs, below, that you may find helpful. Click on the relevant topic or question to see the answer.

I'm having problems creating a RealMe® login.

Call our resource consents team during office hours on freephone 0800 800 402.

I need help or have a problem with my consent application.

Call our resource consents team during office hours on freephone 0800 800 402.

I've submitted my application, but I haven't received anything or heard back from anyone.

If you haven’t heard back from us about your application within 7-10 business days, please call our resource consents team during office hours on freephone 0800 800 402.

Why do I need to verify my details again with Waikato Regional Council once I've set up my RealMe® login?

Waikato Regional Council treats the privacy of our customers seriously, so this verification is required as part of our Privacy Policy. You can read more about the policy here.

How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

The cost of a bore permit is $460 (GST incl)  This charge is a full, one-off processing fee, not a deposit. 

If your resource consent application has been completed online you can also pay online by credit card or via internet banking.

Credit card payments are only available to Visa and Mastercard holders. Payment can be completed as part of the application process before you submit the application. Please note there's an additional 2.25% convenience fee that is charged by the bank. Waikato Regional Council does not receive any part of this bank fee.

Internet banking payments - either look for Waikato Regional Council in your bill payee options or complete a one-off payment to the following account 06 0317 0096442 000. Please ensure you use the reference number provided with your application.

Tell us how you got on!

We appreciate all feedback you may have about this new service. If you have any feedback, questions or issues please contact us on our freephone 0800 800 402 or fill out and submit an online enquiry form .

We're also keen to make it easy as possible to work with us, so we'll be continuing to add to to the online services we can offer.