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Expiring and expired consents

Most consents have an expiry date. The expiry date of your consent is on your consent certificate. You may carry out the activity authorised by your resource consent from the date the consent commences until the date of expiry. You cannot change the expiry date of your consent.

Generally, the longest term that Waikato Regional Council can give a consent is a period of 35 years. The term of consent given depends on a range of factors, such as:

  • likely effects (positive or negative) the activity may have on the environment
  • past performance of the operator
  • period of time requested by the applicant
  • likelihood of changes to environmental standards or relevant policies.

You need to apply for a new consent if it is coming up for expiry but you wish to continue your activity. If you apply for a replacement consent at least 6 months before your current consent expires you may continue operating your activity until a new consentis granted.

Contact us(external link) or call our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402 if you need to know when your resource consent will expire.

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