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Change your conditions

Consent details or conditions

You can apply to Waikato Regional Council to change the conditions or a specific detail of your consent at any time. You cannot apply to change the expiry date of your consent.

For changes to consents that are not notified or do not receive submissions, this may be a simple process involving a short report by staff, an amendment to our records of your consent and an amended consent being sent out to you.

For consents that were subject to public or limited notification and received submissions, the process may involve obtaining agreement from the submitters or may even require a hearing.

Applications for changes to consents are charged on an actual and reasonable costs basis.

Contact us first or call our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402 to discuss any changes to consent details or conditions. The necessary application forms are available on our forms page.

Consent condition reviews

There may also be an opportunity for Waikato Regional Council to undertake scheduled reviews of your consent conditions, in order to determine their efficiency or practicality and whether they need to be changed. We will discuss any proposed review of conditions with you, prior to initiating it.

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