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Using an environmental consultant

Photograph of a quarry

An environmental consultant can:

  • explain Resource Management Act (RMA) processes and requirements
  • explain regional and district council processes and requirements
  • identify practical options for your proposed operation
  • provide technical advice about the design features of your proposal
  • provide advice about site selection
  • carry out consultation
  • prepare and lodge your consent application
  • research background and technical information
  • put together a team of specialists in different fields (if required for more complex proposals).

If you have a large and complex proposal, advice and practical help from the right consultant can make for a smoother application process. A good consultant is likely to be familiar with the process and able to quickly identify who should be consulted, what information is required and how to obtain it.

Finding a consultant

Consultancy firms will either provide a range of technical experts in different fields or focus on one specialist area. Waikato Regional Council staff can advise what specialist advice or information you need. Make sure that the consultant you choose is experienced and capable of providing you with the type of advice you require.

You can find consultancy advice through:

  • personal referrals
  • professional directories
  • advertising in professional journals and publications
  • telephone directories
  • the internet.