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Baseline Report

TR 2018/38

Report: TR 2018/38

Author: Liz Wedderburn, Antoine Coffin

About this report

This report was commissioned by the Technical Leaders Group for the Healthy Rivers Wai Ora Project Report No. HR/TLG/2015-2016/6.1

This report contains information about the people and environment in the Waikato and Waipa river catchments. It summarises the current cultural, economic, environmental and social situation. This is called ‘baseline information’. Baseline information is used to understand where things are at now. It is used to compare different options for managing land and water in the catchments. It is intended to assist the Collaborative Stakeholder Group in the project to understand the possible positive and negative impacts of these different options on the community and the environment. The indicators were chosen based on what people value about the Waikato catchment as well as the ways they use the land and rivers. 

See the Collaborative Stakeholder Group documents.

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Baseline Report [PDF, 1.6 MB]

1 Social indicators
1.1 Vibrant and Resilient Communities
1.2 Employment
1.3 Infrastructure
1.4 Recreation
2 Environmental Indicators
2.1 The animals, insects and plant life in rivers, streams and lakes (Regional Ecological Monitoring of Streams (REMS))
2.2. The banks of rivers, streams and lakes (or riparian margins)
2.3 Wetland
2.4 Wetland extent in catchment areas
3 Economic Indicators
3.1 Value Add
3.2 International exports
3.3 Employment
4 Cultural Indicators
4.1 Waitematā
4.2 Te Rere
4.3 Paemakariri
4.4 Pareparenga o te wai
4.5 He kai pai
4.6 Te nui o ngā kai i te wai
4.7 Ngā tarukino me ngā ika rawaho i te wai
4.8 Mātauranga ki ngā wai kaukau
4.9 Au Putea
5 Attachment 1: Additional Information
5.1 Building activity
5.2 Horticulture Area within the Waikato Region
5.3 Socioeconomic deprivation
5.4 Commuting Patterns
5.5 Tourism
5.6 Flood infrastructure
5.7 Electricity
5.8 National energy demand
5.9 Electricity Consumption
5.10 Kōura
6 References and Footnotes