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Use of mangrove habitat by banded rail

TR 2017/24

Report: TR 2017/24

Author: Jacqui Bell and Andrew Blayney (Boffa Miskell Limited) 

About this report

This report reviews the use of mangrove habitat by banded rail. This report has been prepared in conjunction with Waikato Regional Council TR 2017/23, which provides a broader review of the use of mangrove habitat by Threatened or At Risk birds within New Zealand.

This report summaries available information on the use of mangroves by banded rail, including the degree of dependency on mangrove habitat, the purpose of use of mangrove habitat, important characteristics of mangroves, seasonal use of mangroves, connectivity of mangrove habitat and habitat patch size. This report also describes key issues associated with mangrove removal, as well as information gaps, and recommendations for monitoring and further research.

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Use of mangrove habitat by banded rail [PDF, 867 KB]


  Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 Banded Rail - moho-pererū (Gallirallus philippensis assimilis)
2.1 Behaviour, breeding and diet
2.2 Distribution and habitat
2.3 Banded rail distribution in Waikato
3 Banded rail use of, and dependency on, mangrove habitat
3.1 Mangrove habitat use
3.2 Mangrove habitat preference characteristics
3.3 Seasonality of mangrove habitat use
3.4 Dependency on mangrove habitats
4 Impact of mangrove removal on banded rail
5 Current knowledge gaps and research required on the use of mangrove habitats by banded rail
6 Recommendations for effective monitoring of banded rail in mangrove and surrounding habitats
7 Conclusion
8 References
  Appendix A1
  Appendix A2