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Waikato River Water Quality Monitoring Programme: Data report 2011

TR 2012/22R

On this page: Abstract, table of contents

Report: TR 2012/22R

Author: A Tulagi


The report provides information on routine monthly monitoring of water quality at 10 sites. Addtional information is provided in the appendices on flow and datasonde deployments.

Waikato River Water Quality Monitoring Programme: Data report 2011 (revised) (948kb)

Table of contents

  Acknowledgement i
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Report content 1
2.2 Water quality guideline and standards 2
2 The Waikato River monitoring programme design 3
2.1 Sampling collection 3
2.2 Sample locations 3
2.3 Water quality parameters 12
2.4 Quality control, data storage and analysis 5
2.5 Reports 5
3 Results 5
3.1 Water River monitoring programme 7
  Routine water quality monitoring 7
  Summary statistics 7
  Key parameter graphs 7
  Comparison with water quality standards 7
  Raw data 7
  Trace metal analysis raw data 7
  References 28
  Appendix I: Flow information 29
  Appendix II: Datasonde deployments 30
  Appendix II: Diurnal variation of some water quality parameters 31
  Appendix III: Water quality parameters 43
  Appendix III: Guidelines and standards 43
  Appendix III: Analytical methods  43


Note: This report was originally published in August 2012 as Technical Report 2012/22. This updated edition added two new pages containing major ion summary statistics (pages 15 and 16). These changes make no difference to the main report, but in the interests of data coverage we are re-releasing this publication.