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Monitoring of Geothermal Features - Annual Report, June 2009

TR 2009/25

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Report: TR 2009/25
Author: Bridget Y. Lynne


Environment Waikato monitors the state of geothermal features throughout the region on a quarterly basis. 

While throughout most of the region monitored features maintained their activity within their normal range, the increase in activity at Tirohanga Rd, Mokai has continued.  At Orakeikorako, the Soda Fountain, which had been dry since September 2008, started refilling in February 2009 and stayed full throughout 2009.  The mud geyser at Te Kopia had a long period of frequent activity during early 2009.  

At Tokaanu, Te Waihoto pool experienced hydrothermal eruptions in January and February 2009.  In February between Paurini and Teretere pool a new track was constructed due to the water level of the pools overflowing the track. 

At Waiotapu, the pool north of Jean Batten Geyser showed strong fluctuations in water level and temperature.  The water level in the Devil’s Bath varies considerably from year to year. In September the water level was low but by February (and through to June) the level increased significantly. 

No major hydrothermal eruptions or other major changes of either natural or anthropomorphic origin were observed in the year July 2008 to June 2009.

Monitoring of Geothermal Features - Annual Report, June 2009
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Table of contents

  Acknowledgement i
  Executive summary ix
1 Job brief 1
2 Methods 1
3 Reports 2
3.1 Atiamuri 2
3.2 Golden Springs 5
3.3 Ngatamariki 7
3.4 Mokai 9
3.5 Orakeikorako 15
3.6 Reporoa 25
3.7 Tauhara 28
3.8 Te Kopia 31
3.9 Tokaanu 36
3.10 Waikite 48
3.11 Waiotapu 53
3.12 Whaingairorohea 62
  Appendices 63
  Atiamuri 63
  Horohoro 64
  Mokai 65
  Ngatamariki 68
  Ohaaki 74
  Orakeikorako 74
  Reporoa 94
  Te Kopia Springs 98
  Tauhara 103
  Tokaanu 107
  Waikite Valley Springs 115
  Waiotapu 124
  Wairakei 133
  Whangairorohea 134