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Subsidence rates of peat since 1925 in the Moanatuatua swamp area

TR 2004/17


Report: TR 2004/17
Author: Stewart McKenzie, Malcolm McLeod, Landcare Research


Moanatuatua Swamp is one of many peat bogs in the Waikato region that has been drained and converted to agriculture or horticulture. As a result of conversion, subsidence occurs from consolidation and losses of organic matter, due to peat mineralization (Schipper & McLeod 2002). Obtaining information on subsidence rates is important for future land-use management and the developing of mitigation strategies to reduce subsidence rates and CO2 emissions.

Subsidence Rates of Peat Since 1925 in the Moanatuatua Swamp Area
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements iii
1 Introduction 1
2 Background 1
3 Objectives 1
4 Methods 1
5 Results 2
Conclusions 2
References 3
Appendix 4