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The diversity and distribution of freshwater fish and their habitat in the major rivers of the Waikato region

TR 2001/11

Report: TR01/11

Author: David Speirs

About this report

This report is intended to give a brief overview of the fisheries of the major rivers in the Waikato region. It includes a brief commentary on the state of the fishery in each river, the species present, the threats to them, and offers some guidance on possible methods to reduce or remove those threats and thereby enhance the fishery. For the sake of those readers interested in a more in depth consideration of the fishery or a specific aspect of it, the report includes an annotated bibliography of reports and publications relevant to the Waikato Region's freshwater fishery (Appendix 2). Also included as Appendix 1 are regional distribution maps for each freshwater fish species. These maps were generated from the New Zealand Freshwater Fish Data Base in April 2001 and, with some additions from unpublished surveys, represent the state of knowledge as to their distribution at the time this report was completed.

The Diversity and Distribution of Freshwater Fish and their Habitat in the Major Rivers of the Waikato Region [PDF, 3.3 MB]

1 Introduction
1.1 Intended use of this report
1.2 Fish fauna of the Waikato region
1.2.1 Native species
1.2.2 Introduced species
2 Pressures on the region's indigenous fish
2.1 Habitat destruction and modification
2.1.1 Barriers to fish passage
2.1.2 Reduction in water quality
2.1.3 Physical habitat loss
2.1.4 Flow regime modification
2.2 Harvest
2.3 Exotic species
3 Major rivers and catchments
3.1 Waikato River
3.2 Tongariro River and Lake Taupo tributaries
3.3 Waipa River
3.4 Waihou River
3.5 Piako and Waitoa rivers
3.6 Mokau River
3.7 Coromandel rivers
  Appendix 1: Distribution maps for freshwater fish in the Waikato region (updated in April 2001)
  Appendix 2: Annotated bibliography of Publications and Reports Related to the Freshwater Fish and Fish Habitat of the Waikato Region