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Population, family and household, and labour force projections for the Waikato region, 2013-2063 (2015 update)

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Report: TR 2015/28

Author: Michael P. Cameron, William Cochrane, University of Waikato.

About this report

The Waikato Regional Council (WRC) approached the University of Waikato in early 2015 with a request to update the Territorial Authority (TA) level population, household and labour force projections for the Waikato Region undertaken in 2014 (Cameron and Cochrane, 2014). The 2014 projections used as a base population the 2013 Estimated Usually Resident Populations (EURPs) estimated by Statistics New Zealand before data from the 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings was fully released. The subsequent revised 2013 EURPs released by Statistics New Zealand in 2014 differed markedly for some of the TAs in the Waikato region.

Read or download the report

Population, family and household, and labour force projections for the Waikato region 2013-2063 (2015 update) (PDF 572kb)

Media release

Follow the link to our media release.

Report to Strategy and Policy Committee August 2015

You can also read the report to the Strategy and Policy Committee August 2015 (PDF310kb)



1 Introduction 1  
2 Changes in Projection Assumptions between the 2014 Projections and the 2015 Update 2
2.1 Changes in Base Populations 2
2.2 Changes in Fertility Assumptions 4
2.3 Changes in Mortality (Survivorship) Assumptions 5
2.4 Changes in Net Migration Assumptions 7
3 Comparisons between the 2014 Projections and 2015 Update 9
3.1 Population Projections for Thames-Coromandel District 10
3.2 Population Projections for Hauraki District 11
3.3 Population Projections for Waikato District 12
3.4 Population Projections for Matamata-Piako District 13
3.5 Population Projections for Hamilton City 14
3.6 Population Projections for Waipa District 15
3.7 Population Projections for Otorohanga District 16
3.8 Population Projections for South Waikato District 17
3.9 Population Projections for Waitomo District 18
3.10 Population Projections for Taupo District 19
3.11 Population Projections for part-Rotorua District 20
3.12 Population Projections for the Waikato Region 21
4 Discussion and Conclusion 22
  References 23
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