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The Lake Waikare low enthalpy geothermal resource: An initial study of its origin

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Report: TR 2014/45

Author: MOG Balane (University of Auckland)

About this report

A regular geochemical assessment is being conducted by Waikato Regional Council, with the objective of understanding the nature and vulnerability of the region’s warm water resources to change.

This report focuses on the Lake Waikare vent. Lake Waikare is situated within the Huntly coalfield in North Waikato, and is host to a small island (Punikanae Island) where a silica sinter-depositing spring is located. This is the only sinter depositing spring known outside the Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Read or download the report

The Lake Waikare low enthalpy geothermal resource: An initial study of its origin (2mb)


  Executive summary
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background of the study 1
1.2 Objective 1
1.3 Project location, accessibility, topography and drainage 3
2 Geology, structures and alternation 5
3 Geochemistry 15
3.1 Cl-SO4-HCO3 ternary diagram 17
3.2 Na-K-Mg ternary diagram 17
3.3 Na-K geothermometer 18
3.4 Na-K-Ca geothermometer 18
3.5 Cl-SO4-HCO3 and Na-K-Mg ternary plots for TVZ springs 19
3.6 Cl-B-HCO3 ternary diagram 21
3.7 Elevated mercury concentrations 22
4 Potential uses of the geothermal resource 23
5 Conceptual model 24
6 Conclusions 26
7 Recommendations 26
  References 27
  Appendix 1: 2005 analytical results from Hill Laboratories 29
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