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Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato - Summary

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Report: TR 2014/23

Author: Beat Huser, Paul Killerby

About this report

This document provides a summary of the results of the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) – Tupuranga Waikato. The WPI is a dashboard of 32 environmental, social and economic indicators that provide an overview of how well our region is doing across a range of societal wellbeings and the extent to which we are making progress.

This report includes an outline of why we are reporting on the WPI and how we selected the indicators. Additional technical information, including an overview of similar initiatives used in New Zealand and overseas, and a detailed description of the method used for the WPI is included in another Waikato Regional Council Report (Killerby and Huser, 2014). The Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) are also published and regularly updated online (

Read or download the report

Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato - Summary (2.5mb)


1 Purpose
2 Background
3 A framework for selection of indicators
4 Results
5 Improvements and next steps
6 Conclusions
Appendix 1 Frequently asked questions
Appendix 2 The Waikato Progress Indicators
Appendix 3 WPI trends (time series data 2001 to 2013)
Appendix 4 The Waikato region
Appendix 5 Example of an indicator report card
Appendix 6 WPI scorecard
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