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Waikato regional MARCO indicators: data analysis report 2013

On this page: Abstract, table of contents

Report: TR 2013/27

Author: APR Consultants


The purpose of this report is to help inform and guide the setting of priorities by key decision-makers in the Waikato region, to promote better coordination and application of community resources.

The report identifies current states and historical trends for a carefully selected set of regional indicators, updating information from previous annual reports. Differences between the 2012 and 2013 reports are summarised in appendix one.

Waikato regional MARCO indicators: data analysis report 2013 (5mb)

Executive summary (538kb)

Table of contents

  Executive summary iii
  Introduction 1
  Waikato regional community outcomes 2
  Monitoring and reporting community outcomes 5
  How to read this report 6
1 Sustainable environment 8
2 Quality of life 62
3 Sustainable economy 116
4 Culture and identity 161
5 Participation and equity 183
  Where to from here 193
  Further information 193
  Appendix one: 2013 update notes 194
  Appendix two: additional data tables 213
  Appendix three: website references 238
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