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Integrated catchment management project: interim report 2010/2011

On this page: Abstract, table of contents

Report: TR 2012/08

Author: R Hungerford (Momentum Research & Evaluation Ltd)


In 2006, the Waikato Regional Council piloted a three year integrated catchment management project (the ICM project) in the Little Waipa and Waipapa catchments. The ICM pilot project was implemented to test the integrated delivery of current policy tools such as education, incentives, and enabling compliance and enforcing regulations, to work with farmers and bring about changes in farmer
practices to lower nutrient loss from farms.

The ICM project has a performance measure in the Waikato Regional Council’s long term plan to monitor farmer implementation of farm plans in integrated catchment management catchments. The 2010/2011 target was 60 per cent (of actions implemented).

This document reports on the project for the 2010/2011 year, including project activities, coverage, and impact.

Integrated catchment management project: interim report 2010/2011 (707 kb)

Table of contents

  Executive summary i
 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background 1
2 ICM project 2010/2011 2
2.1 Introduction and summary 2
2.2 Catchments and coverage 3
2.2.1 Non-participation 6
2.3 2011 assessment visits 6
2.4 Actions implemented 7
2.4.1 Reasons for and barriers to uptake 7
2.5 Nutrient data 10
2.6 Views on nutrient management 10
2.7 Opinon of ICM project 11
2.8 Learnings from the ICM project 12
2.9 Industry involvement 13
2.10 Future direction 14
2.11 Limitations 14
3 Concluding comments 15
  References 16
  Appendix 1 - Revisit method and questionnaire 17
  Appendix 2 - Tables 22



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