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Suspended Sediment Monitoring Report 2007

Report: TR2008/30
Author: Claire Kotze, Sally Grant and Reece Hill


Information for the sustainable management of the regions resources requires ongoing monitoring of various environmental parameters.  The collection of suspended sediment data from a selection of the regions waterways allows for the estimation of sediment yields to be determined. This information is available to contribute to the development and prioritisation of land management strategies.

The following technical report describes the current methods used as part of the regional suspended sediment monitoring programme, with results collected prior to 31 December 2007 included. Information is provided for 23 regional monitoring sites. These sites consist of 15 manual gauging sites and 8 sites where we use automatic samplers (ISCO sites).

Suspended Sediment Monitoring Report 2007
(611 kb, 87 seconds to download, 56k modem)

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1
2 Monitoring methods and analysis 1
2.1 Manual gaugings 1
2.2 ISCO automatic samplers 1
2.3 Sample analysis 1
2.4 Turbidity sensor trial 1
2.5 Data analysis 2
3 Site locations and samples 2
4 Results 6
5 Conclusions 8
Appendix 1 Plot window information and glossary terms for Sedrate 9
Appendix 2 Individual site information 10
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