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Adult Aquatic Insect Fauna of the Mokau River


Report: TR 2007/24
Author: Brian J. Smith (NIWA)


The high productivity of the Mokau River and three of its tributaries along a 2.5 km reach was reflected in the very large numbers of adult EPT collected and a high diversity of species.

Nearly 60 species comprising nearly 40,000 individuals were caught using a combination of UV light traps and Malaise nets.

The tributaries contributed 95% of all species recorded, with one site having 81% of all species present. 43% of all species were only collected within the tributaries.

The main river sites yielded 65%, and the tributaries 92% of the total species caught by light trap alone.

No species of special conservation significance were recorded, however the ecological range was extended for four species. Specimens of a caddisfly potentially new to science were caught along the Mokau River and its lower tributary.

Adult Aquatic Insect Fauna of the Mokau River
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Table of contents

  Executive Summary iv
1. Introduction 1
2. Methods 2
3. Results and discussion 4
3.1 Abundance and composition 4
3.2 Temporal patterns 4
3.3 Spatial patterns 5
3.4 Biodiversity and conservation significance 6
4. Summary 8
5. References 9
6. Appendices 10
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