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Survey of Waste Streams in Matamata-Piako District


Report: TR 2007/17
Author: Bruce Middleton (Waste Not Consulting)


Under the Local Government Act (2002), Matamata-Piako District Council is responsible for promoting effective and efficient waste management and waste reduction practices within the District. Pursuant to its responsibilities under the Act, in July 2005 the Council approved a Waste Management Plan.

The Plan sets a target of reducing the tonnage of waste disposed of to landfill by 5% per capita per annum, based on 2003/2004 levels. Some of the Plan’s key actions for monitoring its success are to:

  • conduct composition surveys of refuse collected by the kerbside collection service and refuse deposited at the Transfer Stations once every year
  • conduct recycling participation surveys
  • participate in regional surveys of all waste to landfill
  • monitor and report tonnages of refuse and recycling collected by the Council’s kerbside collection contractor each year.

In September 2006, Council, with the financial assistance of Environment Waikato, contracted Waste Not Consulting to undertake a survey of all waste streams originating within the District. The results of this waste stream survey are presented in this report.

Survey of Waste Streams in Matamata-Piako District
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Table of contents

  Acknowledgement i
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Objectives of survey 1
1.2 Refuse disposal services in Matamata-Piako District 1
2 Methodology 2
2.1 Waste streams 3
2.2 Activity source of waste loads 3
2.3 Survey strategy 3
2.3.1 Domestic kerbside collection 3
2.3.2 General waste to transfer stations 3
2.3.3 General waste direct to Tirohia landfill 4
2.3.4 Survey of waste operators 5
2.3.5 Special wastes 5
3 Results 5
3.1 Matamata transfer station 5
3.1.1 Analysis of vehicles surveyed 5
3.1.2 Primary composition of Matamata transfer station general waste 5
3.1.3 Overall waste stream to Matamata transfer station 6
3.2 Morrinsville transfer station 7
3.2.1 Analysis of vehicles surveyed 7
3.2.2 Primary composition of Morrinsville transfer station general waste 8
3.2.3 Overall waste stream to Morrinsville transfer station 8
3.3 Waihou transfer station 10
3.3.1 Analysis of vehicles surveyed 10
3.3.2 Primary composition of Waihou transfer station general waste 10
3.3.3 Overall waste stream to Waihou transfer station 11
3.4 Results of survey of waste operators 12
3.5 Special wastes 12
3.5.1 Sewage sludge 12
3.5.2 Roading infrastructure maintenance 13
3.5.3 Other special wastes 13
3.6 Overall waste stream into Tirohia landfill from Matamata-Piako District 13
3.6.1 Sources and tonnage of waste into Tirohia landfill 13
3.6.2 Composition of waste into Tirohia landfill from Matamata-Piako District 15
4 Discussion and analysis 16
4.1 Per capita generation of domestic kerbside refuse 16
4.2 Per capita generation of waste to landfill 16
4.3 Industrial wastes 17
4.4 Hazardous wastes 18
4.5 Comparison with other districts 18
4.6 Comparison of Matamata transfer station composition with previous audits 19
Appendix I Waste operator survey – letter to operators 20
Appendix II Assumed composition of domestic bagged refuse 21
Appendix III Transfer station general waste streams 22
Appendix IV Overall transfer station waste streams 25
Appendix V Assumed composition of commercial waste to Tirohia landfill 27
Appendix VI Overall waste to Tirohia landfill from Matamata-Piako District – 2006 28
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