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Hydraulic investigation: Mangaokewa stream, Te Kuiti urban area

Report: TR04/28
Author: Greg Ryan


The Waitomo District Council asked Waikato Regional Council to investigate flood levels in the Mangaokewa Stream affecting land parcels in Te Kuiti that are likely to be the subject of future urban development.

Environment Waikato have undertaken this investigation by constructing a one-dimensional hydraulic model of the Mangaokewa Stream, extending from a point upstream of the Te Kuiti township to a point approximately 4 km downstream of the Te Kumi Station bridge.

The 1 in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 500-year flood flows used in the hydraulic model were taken from a flood frequency analysis completed using data recorded by the Waikato Regional Council water level/flow recorder at Te Kuiti. The 1 in 100 year flood flow used in the hydraulic model was conservatively taken from the 1983 review of the Lower Waipa Waikato Control Scheme. The results from the hydraulic model were calibrated using the stream flow rating table produced for the channel cross section at the recorder site.

The results from the investigation include a set of flood level profiles for different flood events in the Mangaokewa Stream within the Te Kuiti urban area, with particular focus on the parcels of land identified by Waitomo District Council.

It is recommended that these levels be adopted for identifying the flood hazard areas when considering future development. It should be noted that further hydraulic assessments will be required if flood protection works are proposed by way of stopbanks or filling (raising ground levels) the flood plains, as these will change the flood profiles upstream and downstream of the works.

It is also recommended that topographic surveys of each land parcel are completed to allow the full translation of the flood level profiles into flood extent plans.

Hydraulic Investigation: Mangaokewa Stream, Te Kuiti Urban Area
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
1 Introduction 2
1.1 Background 2
1.2 Purpose of report 3
1.3 Level datum 3
2 Investigation 3
2.1 Information collection 3
2.2 Catchment hydrology 4
2.3 Stream hydraulics 5
2.4 Calibration of stream hydraulics 6
3 Discussion 6
3.1 Information collection 6
3.2 Catchment hydrology 7
3.3 Stream hydraulics 7
3.4 Calibration of stream hydraulics 7
4 Summary 8
Appendix A: Cross section location plans 10
Appendix B: Comparison of cross section 345A (December 2001-March 2002 and September/October 2004) 12
Appendix C: Long section of entire reach covered by investigation 13
Appendix D: Long section in the vicinity of each land parcel of interest 14
Appendix E: Cross sections in the vicinity of each land parcel of interest 17
Appendix F: Long section in the vicinity of the Environment Waikato water level recorder at Te Kuiti 21
Appendix G: Comparison of water level profile following variation of downstream boundary condition 23
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