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Waikato river water quality monitoring programme: Data report 2003


Report: TR 2004/10
Author: Paul Smith


The report provides information on routine monthly monitoring of water quality at 10 sites:

  • Year 2003 summary data, tabulated by parameter for each location and reported with the median of the previous 5 years.
  • Key parameter graphs showing the average water quality for 2003 at each location, compared to results of the previous 5 years.
  • Summary tables identifying the number of samples meeting ‘satisfactory’ and ‘excellent’ water quality standards and guidelines.
  • Raw data for Year 2003.

Waikato River Water Quality Monitoring Programme: Data Report 2003
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements i
Disclaimer i
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background  
1.2 Report Content  
1.3 Water Quality Guidelines and Standards 2
2 The Waikato River Monitoring Programme Design 3
2.1 Sampling Collection  
2.2 Sample Locations  
2.3 Water Quality Parameters 4
2.4 Quality Control, Data Storage and Analysis  
2.5 Reports 5
3 Results  
3.1 Waikato River Monitoring Programme 6
References 25
Appendix I 26
Flow Information  
Appendix II 28
Datasonde Deployments  
Appendix III 49
Inventory of other investigations carried out on the Waikato River since the last Report  
Appendix IV 51
Water Quality Parameters  
Guidelines and Standards  
Analytical Methods  
Table 1: Guidelines and Standards for Physicochemical Water Quality for Ecological Health and for Human Uses of Water. 2
Table 2: Routine Sampling and Bathing Water Monitoring Locations 3
Table 3: Samples (Year 2003) complying with the ‘Satisfactory’ Water Quality Guidelines and Standards. n = 12. 18
Table 4: Samples (Year 2003) complying with the ‘Excellent’ Water Quality Guidelines and Standards. n = 12. 18
Figure 1: Waikato River Water Quality Monitoring Locations 4
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