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Quality of Life Survey 2016: Waikato regional results

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Report: TR 2017/11

Author: Paul Killerby and Beat Huser

About this report

The 2016 Quality of Life survey was a collaboration between seven city councils (including Hamilton) and two regional councils (Wellington and Waikato). The perceptions of more than 7,000 New Zealanders including 1,280 Waikato regional residents were recorded in relation to:

  • Overall quality of life
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Crime and safety
  • Community, culture and social networks
  • Council decision-making processes
  • Environment (built and natural)
  • Public Transport
  • Economic wellbeing
  • Housing.

This report presents Waikato regional results from the 2016 Quality of Life Survey, including by local authority area, age group, gender and ethnic group. Trends for the period 2006 to 2016 are also identified for eight indicators to be included in the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) regional monitoring initiative.

Read or download the report

Quality of Life Survey 2016: Waikato regional results [PDF, 1.5 MB]


  Executive summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Report overview
1.2 Quality of Life Survey
1.3 Environmental issues and perceptions surveys
1.4 Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI)
1.5 MARCO Survey
1.6 New Zealand General Social Survey
1.7 WPI use of Quality of Life Survey data
2 Technical notes to 2016 Quality of Life Survey
2.1 Data weighting
2.2 Missing data
2.3 Sampling error
2.4 Rounding
3 Quality of Life Survey 2016 results
3.1 Waikato regional summary infographic
3.2 Waikato regional results
3.3 WPI results by age group, gender and ethnicity
3.4 WPI results - region and cities comparions
4 WPI results - time series 2006 to 2016
4.1 Comparison of 2016 and 2006 survey questions
4.2 WPI results for 2006 and 2016
5 Conclusion
5.1 Key survey findings for the Waikato region
5.2 Next steps
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