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Soil Stability in the Waikato Region - 2012

TR 2016/20

Report: TR 2016/20

Prepared by: A L Taylor 

About this report

This report summarises and discusses results from a survey of soil stability and disturbance for the Waikato Region using aerial photography taken in 2012, for the purpose of state of the environment reporting. The survey has been carried out in accordance with the National Land Monitoring Forum’s procedure for assessing soil stability (Burton et al., 2009).  Previous surveys were conducted for the Waikato region using aerial photography taken in 2002 and 2007.

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Soil Stability in the Waikato Region - 2012 [PDF, 1.4 MB]


  Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 Methods
2.1 Regional programme objectives
2.2 The Soil Quality Monitoring Programme has three key objectives:
2.3 Reasons for soil monitoring
3 Attribute changes and interpretation accuracy
3.1 Attribute changes
3.2 Photo interpretation accuracy
4 Review of statistical methods
4.1 Analysis of soil stability at one point in time
4.2 Analysis of bare soil at one point in time
5 Results & discussion
5.1 Soil stability
5.2 Soil disturbance
5.3 Bare soil
5.4 Disturbance by land use-related activities
5.5 Disturbance by natural processes
5.6 Soil disturbance and bare soil for land uses in the Waikato
5.7 Bare soil expressed as a percentage of land in each use
4.2 Arable land
4.3 Horticulture
4.4 Forestry
4.5 Conversion of forestry to pasture on pumice soils
4.6 Soil acidification
6 Summary
6.1 State of soil stability, 2012
6.2 State of soil disturbance and bare soil, 2012
6.3 Pressure on soil - impacts of land use-related activities
6.4 Pressure on soil - impacts of natural processes
7 References
Appendix A - Soil stability and disturbance by land use
8 Horticulture and cropping - overview
9 Dairy farms - overview
10 Forest plantations - overview
11 Natural forest - overview
12 Natural scrub - overview
13 Exotic scrub - overview
14 Tussock and mountain vegetation - overview
15 Wetland and coastal vegetation - overview