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Estuarine vegetation survey - Port Waikato (December 2011)

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Report: TR 2014/25

Author: M Graeme (Natural Solutions - Marine and Terrestrial Ecologists Ltd)

About this report

The estuarine vegetation of Port Waikato was first mapped in 2004 using 2002 aerial photographs. This report details the results from the second survey of estuarine vegetation at Port Waikato. Comments are included on the estuarine vegetation present, threats to the native estuarine vegetation communities, and other field notes of interest. This report is accompanied by digitised aerial maps of the survey site with vegetation community overlays.

The mapped vegetation is within the coastal marine area (CMA) and includes the spatial cover of mangrove, seagrass, sea meadow, saltmarsh and estuarine weed communities. The results of the estuarine surveys are included in Waikato Regional Council’s Geographic Information System (GIS) database, and are used for State of the Environment investigations and assessing consent applications that may affect estuarine vegetation.

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Estuarine vegetation survey - Port Waikato (December 2011) (5mb)


1 Introduction 
2 Methodology
2.1 Wetland vegetation classification
3 Results
3.1 Site description
3.2 General notes
3.3 Birds
3.4 Threats
4 Discussion
5 Bibliography
6 Appendix A: Photo Waypoints