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Upper Waikato nutrient efficiency study farmer follow up

On this page: abstract, table of contents

Report: TR 2010/31
Author: AgFirst Waikato


The upper Waikato nutrient efficiency study was completed in 2009.  Farmers had the opportunity to attend a meeting to discuss the overall findings shortly after. A follow-up visit to each participating farmer was carried out to determine what changes had been adopted as a result of the initial analysis, and to review the extension process used.

This document summarises the overall themes from the on farm meetings, as well as notes from the visits.

Upper Waikato nutrient efficiency study farmer follow up (PDF, 723kb)

Table of contents

Introduction 3
Summary 3
Direct result/uptake of the study on farm 4
Feedback on the low leaching scenarios 4
Feedback on the extension effort required in future 5
Additional points raised 7
Farmer visit and feedback 8
High intensity dairy farms 8
Medium and low intensity dairy farms 14
Sheep and beef farms 24