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Regional rivers water quality monitoring programme data report 2003

Report: TR 2004/04
Author: Paul Smith


The report provides information on the routine monthly monitoring of water quality at 100 locations across the Waikato region, and includes:

  • Year 2003 summary statistics tabulated by parameter and reported together with the median of the previous 5 years.
  • Summary tables identifying the number of samples meeting ‘Satisfactory’ and ‘Excellent’ water quality guidelines and standards.

Regional Rivers Water Quality Monitoring Programme Data Report 2003
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1
 1.1 Background  
 1.2 Report Content  
 1.3 Water Quality Guidelines and Standards 2
2 Regional Rivers Monitoring Design  
  2.1 Sampling Locations  
  2.2 Sample Collection 6
  2.3 Water Quality Parameters  
  2.4 Quality Control, Data Storage and Analysis  
  2.5 Reports  
  3.1 Regional Rivers Monitoring Programme 9
Summary Statistics  
  3.2 Regional Rivers Monitoring Programme 48
Comparison with Water Quality Guidelines and Standards  
References 53
Appendix I: Water Quality Guidelines and Standards 54
Appendix II: Water Quality Monitoring Parameters 55
Table 1: Guidelines and Standards for Physico-chemical Water Quality for Ecological Health and for Human Uses of Water. 2
Table 2: Environment Waikato’s Sampling Locations. 3
Figure 1: Monitoring Locations 5