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Recognising our future water science experts

Photo of Alan Livingston and Emily SoperWaikato Regional Council chair, Alan Livingston, recognised the University of Waikato’s top water sciences student, Emily Soper with the 2019 Water Sciences Prize.

Councillor Livingston said: “It’s a privilege to present this prize to a student who has achieved outstanding academic results and who very clearly has a strong passion for improving the environment through sound land and water management.”

The water sciences prize was established in 1990 by Sir Ross Jansen, Hamilton mayor from 1977 – 1989, with the University of Waikato Earth Sciences Department.

For us, recognising and encouraging the next generation water specialists is something we’re passionate about. We recruit over 30 summer students every year, many of them in water monitoring and analysis roles.

This is just one example of what we do behind the scenes to make sure our future resources are in safe hands.

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