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ABOUT THE WAIKATO RIVER: Check out our key facts about New Zealand's longest river, flowing from Lake Taupo to Port Waikato.

waikatoriver waikatoriver

HOW CLEAN IS THE WAIKATO RIVER? Is it safe for swimming? Can fish live in it? The answer depends on what part of the river we look at.

waikato river fish waikato river fish

WHAT LIVES IN THE WAIKATO RIVER? The Waikato River is home to a much wider variety of plants and animals than many people realise.

river monitoring river monitoring

WATER QUALITY MONITORING: See our interactive map of monitoring sites along the Waikato river.

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RUN-OFF AND LEACHING: Learn more about contaminants in the river, that come from rural and urban runoff.

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ALGAL BLOOMS:  High levels of blue-green algae may be harmful to people. We monitor the Waikato River and our shallow lakes regularly.

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WASTEWATER DISCHARGES: Findout about how water quality is affected by wastewater discharges.

trends in water quality smileys tile trends in water quality smileys tile

TRENDS IN WATER QUALITY: Find out more about water quality trends in the Waikato River.

Waikato River urban and rural Waikato River urban and rural

DOWNSTREAM CHANGES IN WATER QUALITY: See the downriver changes along the Waikato.

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