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We are the Waikato Regional Council and responsible for some but not all water-related issues. It's possible that your local city or district council are the people to talk to.   Find out a little bit more about the wonderful water-related things we don't do.


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Our latest water news

Thanks, back at ya mate!
We've been helping Adam Thompson out with some fencing.  Read more...

Recognising our future water science experts
We presented Emily Soper with the 2019 Water Sciences Prize.  Read more...

Rainfall and farmer morale on the up
There's finally been a little bit of rain. 

No more chicken poo in the Waitakaruru
We prosecuted a company for discharging chicken poo into the Waitakaruru.  Read more...




What happens on the land happens in the water – so improving water quality isn’t a simple thing. Find out more about what we’re doing.

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“I monitor about 150 stream and river sites in our region every summer. The most important thing we collect is an invertebrate sample.”

Alicia Catlin

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“The number of spills we have has dropped over time which is good, and with the improvement in water quality of the treated wastewater by operators we are seeing less failing samples. Compliance is improving.”

Ed Prince

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“Ultimately, we are trying to reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients getting in the waterways… The best results are when we can focus on a catchment and get heaps of people involved.”

Paul Smith


Water means something to everyone. Find out more about the good work volunteers and businesses are doing to protect what’s important to them.

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“It’s about trying to energise and excite the youth. We want to enthuse the future generation. It’s not just adventure tourism but adventure science.”

Gareth Jones, Raglan Rock founder and director

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“One of the driving points for forming our catchment group was the caves… The Waitomo Glowworm Cave is like a giant plug hole. So a lot of what happens in the catchment can have a direct effect on that cave.”

John Ash, Waitomo Catchment Trust Board

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“The river Treaty settlement gives us leverage to push for better quality discharge.”

Patience Te Ao, Tauranganui Marae, Port Waikato


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