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Coastal Research

Firth of Thames sediment sampling

As well as conducting coastal monitoring, we also carry out targeted investigations and research to improve our understanding of the state of the marine environment and the impact of activities and pressures on marine biodiversity, water quality and coastal physical processes. Often, we collaborate with other agencies, such as NIWA, Universities or central government, to undertake this research. For example, Waikato Regional Council supports the Coastal Acidification: Rates, Impacts and Management (CARIM) project, led by NIWA, that aims to establish the rate and impacts of acidification, and inform measures to manage coastal ecosystems. 

Our coastal research projects focus on understanding the individual and cumulative impacts of land use and discharges on marine water quality, the environmental effects of aquaculture, investigating impacts of climatic variability on coastal processes, investigating causes of water quality degradation, researching new technologies and methodologies to improve council's water quality data, understaning the response of coastal ecosystems to stressors, developing approaches to assess coastal ecosystem health, and investigating ways to map marine habitats.

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Project summaries

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Technical reports

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For example, we have recently published reports on:

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