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  Environment » Natural Resources » Biodiversity

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FUNDING AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Find out more about the funds and scholarships available from Waikato Regional Council. 

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THE WILLIS REPORTS: Read more about the roles and responsibilities of regional councils towards biodiversity. 

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OUR BIODIVERSITY: Learn about the history of the Waikato region, its native vegetation and its native species.

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GIFTS TO NATURE: All over the region, people are going the extra mile for our biodiversity. Read some of their stories - and get inspired!

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HAMILTON HALO:  Learn more about the Hamilton Halo project, which aims to bring native birds back into Hamilton city.

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LGNZ BIODIVERSITY THINKPIECE: How could we better manage our indigenous biodiversity? Read this thinkpiece.

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PROJECT ECHO: Learn more about this initiative to raise people’s awareness of long-tailed bats (Chalinolobus tubercultus).

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FOREST FRAGMENTS: Find out more about forest fragments in the Waikato region and threats to these patches of native forest. 

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PLANTING GUIDES: Take a look at our range of planting guides for native plants, especially tailored for areas all over the Waikato region.

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WHO CARES ABOUT SCRUB? Learn more about why scrub vegetation is such a valuable resource, and what constitutes a scrub plant.

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SIGNIFICANT NATURAL AREAS: Learn more about the significant natural areas in the Waikato region.

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INDIGENOUS BIODIVERSITY PROGRAMME: Find out more about this project aimed at restoring indigenous biodiversity in the Waikato.

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STREAM AND RIVER LIFE: The Waikato is home to 22 types of native fish, as well as freshwater crayfish (koura), shrimps, and invertebrates.

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THREATS: Learn about how we're working to protect and enhance our remaining natural habitats, native animals and native plants.

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USE AND HARVEST: Learn more about traditional Maori use of natural resources and how this taonga is protected.

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WETLAND PLANTS AND BIRDS: Most of NZ’s wetland plants and animals are found nowhere else in the world!

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