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Results - data and trends

The Excel spreadsheet below contains the source data for this indicator's graph and information. 

The graph shows the percentage of sites meeting guidelines for satisfactory soil quality and soil quality ‘of concern’, by land use type.

The data were collected between 1996 and 2018.

Download the data file [XLSX, 10 KB]

Regional soil quality by land use type

 soil quality graph


The main soil quality issues in the Waikato region are soil compaction, excessive nutrients and loss of soil organic matter (SOM) with the associated decrease in biological activity of microorganisms.

More detailed information on trends for each of these issues can be found in Taylor, M., Cox, N., Littler, R, Drewry,J. (2017) 'Trends in soil quality monitoring data in the Waikato region 1995-2015', Waikato Regional Council Technical Report 2017/26. Hamilton, Waikato Regional Council. Click here to read the technical report.