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Technical reports           

Subsidence Rates of Peat Since 1923 in the Hauraki Plains Area

Subsidence Rates of Peat Since 1924 in the Rukuhia Swamp

Subsidence Rates of Peat Since 1925 in the Moanatuatua Swamp Area

Peat subsidence near drains in the Waikato Region


Best practice guides     

For Peat's Sake (parts 1 and 2) - found on Managing peat webpage

Guidelines for landowners in peat lake catchments



Pronger J, 2013. Historic and contemporary subsidence rates of drained agricultural peat, Waikato, New Zealand. Unpublished BSc (hons) dissertation, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.


Published papers          

Campbell DI, Wall AM, Nieveen JP, Schipper LA, 2015. Variations in CO2 exchange of dairy farms with year-round rotational grazing on drained peatlands. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 202: 68 – 78.

Pronger J. Schipper LA, Hill RB, Campbell DI, Mcleod M, 2014. Subsidence rates of drained agricultural peatlands in New Zealand and the relationship with time since drainage. Journal of Environmental Quality 43: 1442 – 1449.

Schipper LA, McLeod M, 2002. Subsidence rates and carbon loss in peat soils following conversion to pasture in the Waikato Region, New Zealand. Soil Use and Management 18: 91 – 93.

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