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Methods - how we monitor

    Where and how we collect the data

    Monitoring sites

    Waikato Regional Council collects information about groundwater wells through the processing and compliance monitoring of resource consents for well construction.

    Monitoring frequency

    Waikato Regional Council collects information for every consented site at the time of application. We monitor about 20 per cent of the wells for which we have issued drilling permits to ensure appropriate construction and compliance with the resource consent conditions. This happens within a year after construction. Some wells may need further monitoring if we identify problems.

    Monitoring history

    Resource consents were required to drill and construct wells in the former Waikato Valley Authority area from 1988 to 1990.

    Waikato Regional Council has issued resource consents since 1990 for the Waikato region.

    Measurement technique

    Data is provided to Waikato Regional Council as part of consent application for well construction. Compliance data is collected for about 20 per cent of well sites checked by Waikato Regional Council compliance staff. Well logs are received as a requirement for all consents.

    How this indicator is compiled

    This indicator presents the number and distribution of consents issued for groundwater well construction in the region for the years 1990–2015. The distribution of wells consented is mapped using geographic information systems (GIS). 


    This indicator relates to the number of consent applications for wells or drilling activities. Therefore, it is not an indicator of the:

    • total number of wells
    • number of abandoned wells
    • allocation of groundwater.
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