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Documents and reports supporting this indicator
Aller, L., Bennett,T., Lehr, J.H., Petty, R.J. & Hackett, G. 1987. DRASTIC: A standardised system for evaluation of ground water pollution potential using hydrogeologic settings. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington D.C. 130 p.

Documents available from Waikato Regional Council
You can order these documents from our library.
Hadfield, J.C., 1997: Groundwater quality at Whangapoua, Coromandel Peninsula Environment Waikato technical report 1997/8.
Tonkin and Taylor, 1997: Te Puru groundwater quality monitoring. Report for Environment Waikato 21 p.
Tonkin and Taylor, 1998: Nitrate and microbial contamination in the Matangi-Tamahere area. Report for Environment Waikato 23 p.

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